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Sugirbay Zharylkasyn - Chairman.


Location: str. Demesinov 38, Ablay Khan College, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan

Phone: +77 242 23 03 97

College Youth Affairs Council herein after CYAC is one of the divisions of State Youth Policy Committee. CYAC complies with College requirements and establishes an equal partnership with various national and regional youth organizations. CYAC also deals with activists from different faculties of the College.

The main objectives of CYAC are:

  • to ensure the implementation of the youth policy;

  • to supervise the implementation of the documents of national importance and concept of National Youth Policy relevantly;

  • to hold  a set of measures to prevent the case of offense among College students;

  • to set the mood aimed at the establishment of peace and harmony among students;

  • to promote  students with various cultural and educational events;

  • to organize an Olympia, thematic contests and scientific conferences among students to develop their horizons of scientific knowledge;

  • to organize various contests, competitions and festivals;

CYAC has right to:

  • get to hear the reports of coordinators of Public Associations and Students Board and determine their official duties as well as approve plans;

  • give an official guidance and counselling as well as give reprimand or appreciation in the various cases;

  • participate as a representative of the College in different national/regional meetings and youth parliament as well as the Academic Council of the College to make recommendations and changes;

  • set up partnerships with youth committees of other universities and colleges;

  • award and appoint students, as well as to offer to take administrative measures if necessary;

  • suggest effective ways to solve issues and recommend to the College administration about Youth Policy;

  • request the necessary information from the College administration and use the official position.

CYAC duties are:

  • to deal with college vice rector in order to conduct main activities and daily ones;

  • to be guided by the following normative legal documents:

  • A Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

  • A law of Youth Policy;

  • The concept of National Youth Policy;

  • Decisions taken by the Academic Council of the College Administration;

  • Resolutions and decisions adopted at the meeting of the Education, Youth Policy Department and Board of the development of the state language;

CYAC Structure is:

  • to follow the regulations and rules of Committee within a prescribed period;

  • to get appointed a chairman(chairwoman) of CYAC by the Director of the College;

Chairman (Chairwoman) has to:

  • carry out all CYAC work qualitatively and in time;

  • explain details of the structure of the official duties of CYAC and coordinate qualitative services;

  • establish a good connection with collegial leaders;

  • use the right established by the Director of the College;


CYAC members are:

Sugirbay Zharylkasyn - a chairman.

Kozhabek Nurdaulet - a vice-chairman.

Kalmurza Aruzhan - a General Secretariat of the Council.

Aymakhan Nazerke - an IT manager.

Orynbasarova Aidana - a chairwoman of the Trade Union Organization.

Kudiyarova Gulsaya - a member and also a leader of Kazakhstan Students' Alliance.

Myrzabek  Aruzhan – a member and also a chairwoman of class captains.

Sailybek  Erlan – a member of CYAC and debate club INFINITY.

Karibai Tansholpan - a member and also a leader of Daryn.

Bakytzhankyzy Zhuldyzai – a journalist.

Kazbek Dina – a chairwoman of Hostel Council.