To a tudent
To a graduate

  In accordance with the regulations of the college education base, we make opportunities for students to develop their studies and improve social status of educational process, as well as to direct youth towards innovative technologies, intellectual achievements, leadership ability, self-critical vision and civic position.  


Objectives of Education are:

  • to form students who are intelligent, honor, hard workers;

  • to deeply understand and respect Symbols of State;

  • to be patriotic;

  • to increase ethical and moral dignity by using the best educational approaches of rational thought;

  • to enhance the value of the measures against religious extremism among students;

  • to develop self-management among learners;


Objectives of Curators

Giving important education to each generation there should be a national platform of properties. Each nation has its distinctive features.

Scientists showed in their research about how valuable moral, spiritual importance in point of cultural views.

According to Shakarym`s saying there are three qualities can be the basis for a better life which are above all honest labor, the mind is perfectly clean and pure heart. Teacher plays significant role in formation of well-educated individual as well as their parents. As for this case, educators are highly loaded to teach advanced students.

All parents are not able to show their feelings towards their children. Some have children well-dressed whereas others just concentrate on well-feeding their children and boosting them with money timely. If so, teachers should take into account all the things that children are really in need of not like their parents.

Parents are considered as a main supportive group of teachers. Strengthening the relationship and cooperation between parents and teachers in accordance to contemporary teaching has become the demand of today.

  • The first objective of curators is to set up a regular support among class students.

  • The second objective is to introduce all Student regulations to learners.

  • The third objective is to create parents committee. 

  • The forth objective is to give pedagogical education to parents.

  • The fifth objective is to have documents which stands for study implemented between teachers and parents.