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       Ablai Khan college is strengthening its relationship not only with other colleges from Kazakhstan but also with schools from abroad.  In the College international cooperated activities have been being carried out.  

Nowadays Ablay Khan College has been tying up relationship with schools from the United Kingdom, Russia, China and Kyrgyzstan.  They are:


  • Xinjiang Pedagogical University (Xinjiang, PRC)

  • University of Bedfordshire( England)

  • Xinjiang Educational Institute (Xinjiang, PRC)

  • Private Humanitarian College (Omsk, Russia)

  • College of Kyrgyz-Kazakh University (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)


Strengthening international cooperation between educational institutions is one of the most important objectives in the development of the educational process. Director of Ablay Khan College had a business meeting with the head of Sing Yan Pedagogical University. As a result, some Chinese teachers namely Chen Dong Fang, Wang Sui Chen, Wang Jiao Jin who have MBa degrees of Chinese came to our College. They organized various activities and language courses within the College.

According to cooperation between these schools not only students of the College have an opportunity to have classes with native speakers, but they also have a chance to go to China to take languages courses for several months. As of this, they have international certificates. Moreover, our teachers have been publishing their articles on up-to-date topics around the scientific and cultural areas in Sing Yan Pedagogical University Press.

Since 2012, 6 teachers of the College went through an internship and 27 students took language courses from Sing Yan Pedagogical University thanks to the established contract.