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   In accordance with the law of Education of Kazakhstan organization and implementation of professional internship are conducted by methodical recommendations.

Industrial experience is an integral part of the educational process for students in theoretical knowledge and professional skills. The heads of industrial enterprises participate in staff meetings and improve the quality of the educational activities and contribute to the improvement of the quality of human resources in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

College students have been studying according to ultimate innovative techniques and technologies used to improve the quality of education. In accordance with the long-term contract College students go through the internship programs depend on student`s course and enterprise they go to.

College students have the internship program according to schedule of an academic year and results of instructional conference. Practical guidance of the members of the commission and the head of the conference about the technical and safety rules, practice documents (each experience programs, provided daily flights) completed orientation.

While having an internship program, students should write a diary and have an internship offer testimonials, and also make a report.

All groups are appointed internship program guides and should make a report in front of Internship Program Commission and then to be evaluated.

According to the curriculum students of all courses have been taking this program like study, training, production, technology, plumbing mechanical and professional and pre-diploma experiences.  

For instance, students of the profession 0101000- "Preschool education and training" had this program in kindergartens  like «А-Айя», «Дәулет-Қызылорда», «Ләйлім», «Құлыншақ», «Алдияр-Қызылорда», №14 «Samal», «Yerkem-Ai». 

Students of the profession 1517000- " Protection in emergencies " had the Internship Program in Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations.

 Students of the profession 0809000- ‘Oil and gas’ had it in the companies like SyrdariaMunai LLP, South Oil LLP.