To a tudent
To a graduate

Department of Education


Purposes are:

  • to train competitive, professional and intelligent professionals who meet all requirements of all functional literacy and competence of  sphere of education;

  • to implement new teaching technologies into educational process so to develop student`s identity;

  • to train professionals who know at least  three languages and are flexible so to be always able to the  self-development,  intellectual and communicative competence;

Objectives are:


  • to form individuals who have passion for self-development and are able to intellectual and information resources;

  • to train individuals so to incarnate a law of Education Of Kazakhstan;

  • to corporate to the development of Education Standard up to World Education Standard;

  • to update the content of education, training and educational process through the implementation of the development of the relations between the student and teacher to affect the quality of education;

  • to improve teachers teaching skills for further work;